Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
Yavuz Özmen


Qurantum Physics

The atom described in the revelations is very different from the modern theory of atomic theories. The most important thing is that it works.

4 Big Secret

Atom-Magnetism-Light and Potential difference. These are phenomena in which even the definition of science can not be made. The reports of Revelation give information to the finest detail.

Ten Night

What are the ten nights that are sworn on? It is not vowed by the darkness of the day or the shadow of the world that does not take the sun. The "Night" is the name of a being.

Religion of Atoms

İnned dine indellah!
Din Allah'tadır!

Revelations describe the lives of atoms in detail, describing their polars as "religion".

Other Possibilities

There are events and situations in the divine accounts that are out of all the theories that come to mind...

Ten Nigth (Reprint)

Since the people of our age have a sufficient level of scientific culture, the letters which have been kept secret for more than 1400 years have now become understandable.

What does the Qur'an tell?

It explains the creation of atoms, how the matter and entity come into existence by discussing it even before the cosmogony. It tells us the life of atoms with stories. which they spend under numerous threats. It informs that, they are the creatures have mind only enough to differentiate the right and the wrong. It informs that how the blind atoms, which have faith in the things they heard, are being secured and how the denier atoms are getting destroyed by getting interfused with the energy of the universe. It teaches prophets to how to treat atoms. The atoms which aggregate and create tribes around it, becomes strong. More...

Kadir Night / Universe ..

Kadir night is not a history of knowledge or a time period or a night of night alternation but rather a name of creation. Take a general look at the house! The dark faces of countless celestial bodies around countless stars within countless galaxies do not give a sign. There is no reference to the calendar when the universe is in place. The notion of night, which is reported in the revelations, is the name given to each of the individual wholenesses that form the basis of existence. It's like ten nights like this. Allah swears on these ten nights in the passage of the way. Kadir refers to the night, the whole being, and the main universe on our behalf. More...

Science does not know the unseen ! ..

You know the atomic model of modern science, even a few times renewed, still can not exhibit a work that provides substance behavior. Primarily, proton and electron collapse at the beginning of the broken atomic theory. The quantum model is totally deceitful. But the atom identified in the revelations ... More...

The Qur'an describes how it starts from nothing! .. ..

There is almost no possibility of interpreting the information that might be seen in the light of physical science by looking at the natural phenomenon. It is an absolute fact that all of the belief-based interpretations are personal subjects. The conditions of the time when the supervisor lived were reflected in the comments. Obviously, without realizing the reality of Allah, it is impossible to know its purpose.
The narratives of Revelation recount all aspects of Allah and his creation technique that can be wondered in the finest detail. Who created God? or how did God come from the very beginning of absolute nothing?
It does not make sense for science to coincide with the coincidence of the formation of goods and knowledge in the period from the beginning to the present. This is a little bit of religion, "Ol said," as the explanations of easy-to-be-like statements. It is unlikely that God will try to explain the creation property and the infinite power it possesses.
Also, filling the total energy of the universe into an initial dimensionless dimension called big bang is incompatible with the scientific ethics. More...