Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
Yavuz Özmen


Qurantum Physics

The atom described in the revelations is very different from the modern theory of atomic theories. The most important thing is that it works.

4 Big Secret

Atom-Magnetism-Light and Potential difference. These are phenomena in which even the definition of science can not be made. The reports of Revelation give information to the finest detail.

Ten Night

What are the ten nights that are sworn on? It is not vowed by the darkness of the day or the shadow of the world that does not take the sun. The "Night" is the name of a being.

Religion of Atoms

İnned dine indellah!
Din Allah'tadır!

Revelations describe the lives of atoms in detail, describing their polars as "religion".

Other Possibilities

There are events and situations in the divine accounts that are out of all the theories that come to mind...

Ten Nigth (Reprint)

Since the people of our age have a sufficient level of scientific culture, the letters which have been kept secret for more than 1400 years have now become understandable.

What does the Qur'an tell?

It will not be possible to understand anything without knowing the human being.
The Koran tells of the existence called alone and lonely human! Where and when human beings gives all the details. Contrary to popular belief, Man stands before us as the name given to the smallest pillar of spirit. We are the walking cities with many human elements.
The book is not a biological entity, but the whole universe. Reviews According to the scientific ethics of both the existence and the existence of the coincidence and the possibility of spontaneous occurrence is not as little as possible The universe system, the logical explanations of this ... More...

Laylat al-Qadr / Universe ..

Laylat al-Qadr is not a historical knowledge, not a specific timeframe or not a night alternans of any day. Rather, it is a creature/being. By asking the question “What is it that tells you what Laylat al-Qadr is?” in the book of Qur'an, it is ensured that it is not a historical knowledge.
Take a look at the universe! All of countless celestial bodies around countless stars inside countless galaxies have a dark side. The dark sides of the celestial bodies are their own static shadows and the movement belongs to the planet's own rotation as the shadow is static.
Again, when it comes down to the universe, there is no any specific spot to be a reference for the calendar. If it had been began to be counted from a different day, the calendar would not show the current day now.
As the Qur'an tells about ten of such nights, it mentions about only one of them. (fecr 1-3) The night called Qadr tells about the main structure which we called the universe which contains all of the being in itself. More...

Science does not know the unseen! ..

The main factor that makes people incapable in front of the Creator is the insignificant smallness of the atom. So that we cannot picture it and take them one by one and we cannot construct new elements. All information about the atom is only in Allah. You know the atomic model of modern science, although it has been renewed several times, it still cannot display the work that explains the substance behaviors. The Quantum model that has been developed in recent years seems to be entirely trickery. Quantum sub-theories are filled with vague expressions that cannot be called definition. So that, when talking about the circuit which can be I and 0 at the same time, except the rules of physics nonsense situations are expressed. The atom described in the Revelation shows perfect work with perfect constriction, answers all possible questions in accordance with scientific ethics and makes the structural secrets of the phenomena of electricity, magnetism and light in the field of physics understandable. More...

The Qur'an describes how it starts from nothing! .. ..

Who created God? or how did God come from the very beginning of absolute nothing?
It does not make sense for science to coincide with the coincidence of the formation of goods and knowledge in the period from the beginning to the present. This is a little bit of religion, "Ol said," as the explanations of easy-to-be-like statements. It is unlikely that God will try to explain the creation property and the infinite power it possesses.
Also, filling the total energy of the universe into an initial dimensionless dimension called big bang is incompatible with the scientific ethics. More...