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Yavuz Özmen

4 Big Secret

Magnetism- Atomic-light-Voltage

When scientific definitions consist of expressing only observations, we remain ignorant of the system operating in the background. For example: When the electric current passes through the conductor, a magnetic field is created around it! Let's check it out.
How does the magnetic field come into being? And what consists of? We face a definition that does not answer such questions.
Similar narratives in the form of or the same poles push each other or de The light breaks cannot give us any kind of information.
Some of the questions we will find out about the light, electricity and magnetism and how the system works are;
—- IyorThe electric current is given by the water pipe and the flow of water to explain the voltage is given as an example.
—- However, the speed of electricity does not change with the potential difference. So how does the mechanism of voltage work?
—- physics How are two electric conductors moving from two additional conductors, even though the two objects never physically touch each other?
—- Electric current follows the shortest path! Why do the lightning strikes not follow a straight line and follow the winding road?
—- Components get hot during operation, how can the peltier absorb heat?
—- How static electricity is generated by friction.
—- How the capacitor stores electricity.
—- Telescopic antennas that do not form a closed circuit, how to obtain electric current.
—- What is the magnetic field, what is the formation, what is in it?
—- Magnets are four poles, not two.
—- What is happening in the inner world of PN junction?
—- How the study of fetuses can be explained.
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