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Qurantum Physics

The atom described in the revelations is very different from the modern theory of atomic theories. The most important thing is that it works.

4 Big Secret

Atom-Magnetism-Light and Potential difference. These are phenomena in which even the definition of science can not be made. The reports of Revelation give information to the finest detail.

Ten Night

What are the ten nights that are sworn on? It is not vowed by the darkness of the day or the shadow of the world that does not take the sun. The "Night" is the name of a being.

Religion of Atoms

Revelations describe the lives of atoms in detail, describing their polars as "religion".

Other Possibilities

There are events and situations in the divine accounts that are out of all the theories that come to mind...

What does "Scientific Commentary" mean?

Because; It is the interpretation which reveals that the revelations contain orders or counsel for those who live on earth!
For centuries, the beautiful person, who has been very much nervous with the revelations, has realized that the meanings of the revelations do not conform to the life of the world. Some have worked in accordance with the world by transforming the revelations, while others have moved away from finding the celestials meaningless and contradictory. They have been accused of insulting Muhammad.
Hz. Muhammad narrated that the revelations reaching the day only the creation of the universe and the construction of information about the transmission of our senses. We are convinced that Muhammad really reveled. When we look at the contents of the rumors, we realize that it is impossible for human beings to reach the vision of the very high-level picopical technological dimensions. The information available 1400 years ago is impossible to produce with the knowledge and skill of the Elif-Lam-Ra discourse. What is certain is that the nature of the revelations is lonely and only science.
God is only the Unseen, that is, he tells about events other than himself.
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What do the Revelators tell you? ! ..

The universe is not a space but a sea, and the atoms are composed of small vortices in this sea. The vortices are empty. In other words, being is, in reality, absent, and it is the most appropriate structure for this power and physics. Revelations "We created you all!" I do not mean that you are now, you are not making a statement ...

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Kadir Night / Universe. ..

Kadir night is not a history of knowledge or a time period or a night of night alternation but rather a name of creation. Take a general look at the house! The dark faces of countless celestial bodies around countless stars within countless galaxies do not give a sign. There is no reference to the calendar when the universe is in place. The notion of night, which is reported in the revelations, is the name given to each of the individual wholenesses that form the basis of existence. It's like ten nights like this. Allah swears on these ten nights in the passage of the way. Kadir refers to the night, the whole being, and the main universe on our behalf. Read More

Science does not know the unseen ! ..

You know the atomic model of modern science, even a few times renewed, still can not exhibit a work that provides substance behavior. Primarily, proton and electron collapse at the beginning of the broken atomic theory. The quantum model is totally deceitful. But the atom identified in the revelations ...

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Secrets of starting from nothing ! ..

- How accurate is it to try to explain the revelations by looking at nature? All interpretations of beliefs are made up of one's own personal thoughts. There is no scientific work on what material to bear in the interpretation of Revelation. It is not possible for us to know his purpose without revealing God's reality. Revelations tell of God and his creation technique. However, it is unlikely that it is possible to interpret the probable information that may be seen in the light of physical science only with the determinations of social life. The universe does not seem to make sense with the beginnings and accidental occurrences. It is unlikely that God has the ability to create and the infinite power it possesses, to be revealed with the information we have. The "other possibilities" that God has created to create the physical world are discussed in his book.

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